Construction Phases

Hexagon’s Dirt Simple Solutions improve the interaction of people, machines and material across all construction phases.

The phases of a connected heavy construction project

A construction project has many phases. Contractors need to align service providers, deadlines and resources to deliver their projects with efficiency, precision, safety, and profit. Every stage in a heavy construction project is made up of multiple tasks, teams, tools and technologies to get the job done. The life of a construction project includes five important stages:

  1. Design and pre-construction;
  2. Estimation and planning;
  3. Mobilisation of resources and site preparation;
  4. The actual building and construction of infrastructure;
  5. Closing and handing over the project for operation and maintenance.

At each phase of a construction project contractors have to make decisions involving time, quality and budget. Choosing the right resources is important. Solutions need to be easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt and easy-to-deploy on the jobsite.

Explore solutions that are Dirt Simple for each phase of your construction project.