Collaboration between technology providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) has become a requirement to sell competitive construction machines in the market. Our research and development teams work closely together with leading OEM teams to develop solutions for the future. This relationship secures technology solutions are not being retrofitted in the aftermarket but manufactured according to the high-engineering and quality standards required from each manufacturers.

Typically these developments result in:

  • Leica-Ready programs offer parts to be preinstalled at the OEM factory, giving easier installations in the field.
  • Designed 2D or 3D machine control solutions seamlessly integrated into the OEM machine.
  • Cost-effective solutions.

The customer benefits for these OEM solutions will result in:

  • The parts developed in collaboration with OEM’s are designed to fit which secures no unauthorised drilling, cutting, and welding on machines.
  • Higher reselling value for customers.
  • High-quality deliveries secured by World Class manufacturers.
  • Better financing possibilities.

Meet our OEM Partners