The future of site preparation & mobilisation is…Dirt.Simple

Site Preparation & Mobilisation is key to all successful construction projects. Hexagon helps you to effectively prepare your people, products and precious resources.

Getting ready for your next project takes remarkable skill as multiple areas within Advanced Digital Construction Management need to be evaluated, prepared, and mobilised. From preparation to mobilisation of your equipment, field and office-crews, resources, and materials - the seamless coordination of all assets is key before construction work can begin.

The process of Advanced Digital Construction Management is also unique to each project and application, and as such, the necessary steps, equipment, and digital solutions will vary. We surveyed dozens of contractors on numerous aspects of readiness, complexity and success related to their construction projects. These surveys revealed eight areas that consistently correlated with project success and the opposing strategies that leading contractors use to deal with complexity.

The eight core elements of Advanced Digital Construction Management include

1.     Design

2.     Revisions & Change requests

3.     Back-up (IT, data, technical, components)

4.     Terrain

5.     Resources

6.     Data Management

7.     As-Built Information

8.     Team Preparation

Find out which of the eight variables are potential profit breakers or profit makers on your upcoming project. Complete our Site Preparation Survey and receive a personalised PDF with insights, suggestions and support that will help you master your next project safely, sustainably and profitably.

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Latest industry trends and reports

The latest research from Dodge Data & Analytics 2021 uncovers that "increasing sophistication in data collection and gathering will help the civil construction industry improve productivity, safety and profitability” by:

·       56% improved bid estimation

·       52% improved productivity

·       51% improved budget performance

·       48% improved safety

It is, however, not always an easy task to prepare your people, products, and precious resources. A lack of skilled workers, increased labour costs and fine margins contribute to difficulties in getting the job done. Read the latest Dodge Data & Analytics report.


What to look out for on your next project

There are of course many steps you need to consider to prepare your site. Ranging from geotechnical reports, site clearing, mobilising machines, connecting field and office crews, not to mention the safety and sustainability aspects. The successes of these tasks depend on assured integrity of site information, design data, accurate positioning, location data and streamlined communication.

Dirt.Simple assessment methodology

To help our customers determine where they can optimise their preparation and mobilisation capability; we asked them about the various aspects of readiness, complexity and success related to their previous project. The analysis highlighted two compelling insights:

·       Not all complexity is bad. Some variables are profit makers, other are profit breakers.

·       Leveraging that insight, top performers had a very different technology adoption strategy: simplification or differentiation.

Doug Browning,
Senior Survey Manager Archer United
“A month after we were awarded the project, I sat down with the Hexagon team and we discussed what we envisaged our needs to be, and were able to come up with a plan before we even broke ground or purchased equipment. That really helped us a lot”.