Success story of two business partners

Learn how Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, and Husco partnered to provide contractors with integrated electro-hydraulic main control valves to enable semi-autonomous features of excavators.

Contractors are in the business of moving dirt. Utilising digital technologies to construct more efficiently with higher quality helps contractors be on time, on specs, on budget and more sustainable. The future of construction is already here, and digital technologies are available today. For instance, your excavator needs to know where to move the dirt and how much to move. That’s part of the digitisation process. But who digitises the dirt?

“Well, we do,” says Holger Pietzsch, VP Marketing, Heavy Construction, at Hexagon’s Geosystems division. Our heavy construction portfolio at Hexagon offers brands such as Leica Geosystems with a 200-year history of developing precise measurement technology that creates, connects, and manages digital realities. “When it comes to earthmoving, we take care of the earth, and Simon Yardly, from Husco, takes care of the moving,” says Pietzsch.

Teamwork in construction is crucial, not just for our customers but also within the industry. “Our drive for innovation and collaboration is at the core of what enables our customers to deliver amazing machine performance, even autonomously,” explains Simon Yardly, Director of Strategic Business Development, at Husco. 

At the 4th Construction Equipment Forum in Berlin, Holger Pietzsch and Simon Yardly presented how Hexagon and Husco collaborate to solve the most challenging problems of contractors. Watch the recording and learn how we turned a hydraulic excavator into an industrial robot.

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Holger Pietzsch Hexagon

Holger Pietzsch

VP Marketing, Heavy Construction, Hexagon’s Geosystems division

Simon Yardly Husco

Simon Yardly

Director of Strategic Business Development, at Husco