Offering a wide range of technologies and brands, Hexagon combines industry-leading construction solutions so that projects can be completed faster, simpler and safer.

Dirt simple construction solutions from Hexagon

Every construction project is unique and requires reliable and customized solutions that provide seamless integration of hardware and software. The solution should be simple to install, flexible to changing project requirements and seamless to integrate across various types and brands of equipment.

Our solutions help you get the job done across all project phases, connecting previously siloed actions and empowering your people and assets to be smarter, safer and more productive. 

Hexagon’s heavy construction solutions portfolios include simple-to-use technologies, seamless workflows, and collaborative deployments to enable Dirt Simple efficiency on the site. The right combination of measuring, surveying and detection tools paired with machine control and construction management software solutions, help you to take control over your jobsite.

Our construction portfolios are designed to help your needs at each stage of your project from design, estimation, construction and maintenance of final assets. Explore our innovative portfolio solutions, including construction positioning, management, system solutions and machine autonomy offerings. Contact us below so that we can provide you with the best combination of construction technology suiting to your needs.