Construction Autonomy

Improve construction processes, streamline communication and make operations much more effective utilising machine control technology.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Equipment is at the heart of all construction operations. This makes managing it efficiently critical to business success. Machine control and automation helps to increase your productivity by minimising downtime and achieving the planned design with millimetre accuracy.

Sensor technology makes machines aware of where they are and what they need to do. Carefully configured each machine becomes a precise and productive instrument on the site and a smart object in your digital reality.

One panel, one software, always connected

Machine control is used to accurately position earthwork machinery based on design models with GPS technology. It decreases wasteful movement of material, drastically improving accuracy and speed. It helps avoid unplanned rework and allows for more inexperienced operators to perform the work. Leica Geosystems’ solution for heavy construction applications offers a unified hardware platform with common software interface for a range of machine types and brands. Interchangeable between several heavy construction machines, including earthmoving machines, road construction, ground stabilisation and snow management, the machine control unit enables you to maximise your investment and productivity on site. One panel, one software, always connected.