Construction Systems

Speed up the construction process with system solutions connecting your entire jobsite: in the field, in the office and in the cloud.

Getting everyone on the ‘same sheet of paper’

Construction projects require coordination of resources across time and space. Yesterdays’ progress drives today’s tasks and tomorrow’s documentation needs. Surprises on site change plans in the office. Information collected by one person or instrument has an impact on other people and resources.

The best projects ensure that all resources work in sync, using the latest and most reliable information to get the job done. Construction systems turn people into teams, material into structures and objects into networks. That’s when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Explore a wide range of services and off-machine solutions that help you to prepare your construction site, unite your teams and mobilise your assets to get the job done on time, on budget, on safety and to specifications.

Take control over your jobsite with solution that are easy to integrate and deploy

Connecting people, machine and material should be Dirt Simple. But are you sure that your new investment is compatible? Leica Geosystems and HxGN SmartNet are two of the trusted brands in Hexagon’s Heavy Construction Solutions portfolio enabling compatibility for people, machines and material.

This compatibility checklist is what smart buyers consider:

  1. Components: Do they physically plug in and work?
  2. Operating systems: Does the software work on macOS or Windows?
  3. Format: Can you import and export in compatible file formats?
  4. Network: Does it run on the network you already use?
  5. Devices: Do they work with Bluetooth, USBs and other devices you tend to use?
  6. Mobile: Is there an app for your teams’ smart phones, iPads and other?
  7. Version: Is the solution compatible with previous versions?
  8. Services: Do they cover the entire solution and is the service provided 24/7?

Compatibility is a growing discussion point in the industry as obsolescence and evermore data formats keep changing the landscape. It can be the subject to a lot of frustration. In the end you just want it to fit and run. Out of the box, Dirt Simple.